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Our Classrooms

Where Blooming Minds Grow

Theme based learning helps bring the world to children. This style of learning organizes learning by creating connections, which is how our little ones learn best. Learning is an integrated process where the brain is continuously trying to make connections from one real life experience to another. This style of learning supports and mirrors the natural way of learning. When children can relate what they learn in their daily life, they will in turn understand and retain the new knowledge better.


Our monthly units are planned to reflect the changing developmental needs of children in each age group. Our monthly units focus heavily on vocabulary, phonemic awareness, pre-reading skills, math, science, problem solving, and fine and gross motor skills.


Through these hands-on learning experiences, children develop critical thinking skills and learn how to effectively communicate with one another. This approach is able to cater to children with all different learning needs, so our students are able to enjoy learning together.  


All of our units are based on current research, state and national standards, and aligned with the kindergarten readiness curriculum. 

Special Programs

At Safety Harbor Little school, we also include a mixture of speciality programs throughout your child's week.

  • Yoga

  • SHAMC Art Class 

  • Dance

  • Spanish

  • Sign Language

  • Fine and gross motor development 

  • Children's Theatre

  • Partnership with Safety Harbor Library

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